Todd and Becca

Another awesome session with a really great family. This weekend the Forrest family brewed some counter culture coffee and invited me into their home to capture a few festive photos. Anytime coffee and photography is in the cards count me in! We had a great time hanging lights, playing with baby Vesta and revisiting a holiday classic ‘The Night before Christmas’ which I will admit to typing including ‘nightmare’ in that title a few times before realizing this wasn’t the Tim Burton film…

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites below.

I wish a very happy holiday season to all of you checking in!


Travis & Mallory

Hi Guys! This post is a little delayed but its that crazy time of year full of fun, food and driving….Like many of you I have been indulging in food and spending time with family and friends but I wanted to share these photos from some very close friends. You have seen them on the blog before and you will see them again! Travis & Mallory had a few hours between blogging, working and one of their many adventures to get a few holiday pics. Below I have posted a few of my favorites hope you enjoy!

Dane & Sarah

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Dane & Sarah to capture some images for this years Christmas card. I found this great location in downtown Durham that worked out perfectly to catch the early morning sun. As it is now Fall here in North Carolina that means CHILLY mornings. I was in a jacket, long sleeves, pants and a beanie and I was STILL cold but these two took it like champs! Hope you all enjoy.

Thanksgiving is coming!

My good friends over at LoveMalaBlog are at it again! They just put up a post highlighting some of their favorite Thanksgiving day dishes and I was there to help capture some of the work that goes into making them. Hop over to their site and check them out. As for my favorite turkey day dish I don’t discriminate but if I had to choose it would be stuffing (with gravy of course) and cranberry sauce. Not that fancy homemade stuff I prefer it from the can!
















LoveMalaBlog showcases Three Leaves Co. is run by two of my very close friends Mallory and Lauren who bring awesome content to their site each week! As you will learn Lauren now lives in Cali while Mallory and her husband Travis are, like myself, local to Durham. I have recently been searching for a creative outlet and asked to Mal if I could tag along one morning to help capture some awesome products they are repping from Three Leaves Co.

I appreciate the opportunity offered by these lovely ladies and look forward to future co-ops. Enjoy!

First blog post

Thank you for making your way to my Site! As an aspiring photographer I was looking for an outlet to easily share and communicate my images with any and all who wanted to see! For now, the site is mostly under construction and is slowly starting to take shape. So be patient, hang in there for me and get ready for some great content that is coming soon!

-Cheers Tenny