LoveMalaBlog showcases Three Leaves Co. is run by two of my very close friends Mallory and Lauren who bring awesome content to their site each week! As you will learn Lauren now lives in Cali while Mallory and her husband Travis are, like myself, local to Durham. I have recently been searching for a creative outlet and asked to Mal if I could tag along one morning to help capture some awesome products they are repping from Three Leaves Co.

I appreciate the opportunity offered by these lovely ladies and look forward to future co-ops. Enjoy!


First blog post

Thank you for making your way to my Site! As an aspiring photographer I was looking for an outlet to easily share and communicate my images with any and all who wanted to see! For now, the site is mostly under construction and is slowly starting to take shape. So be patient, hang in there for me and get ready for some great content that is coming soon!

-Cheers Tenny